Guidelines for Reviewers

General Guidelines
1. We prefer reviews to be around 1000 words. If you wish to write a longer review, please check with your respective editor. Reviews should place the book in context and engage with its arguments and contributions. Nuance and perspective are valued.
2. Books suitable for review include university or academic press books, books written by academics, journalists, policy researchers, practitioners; books on scholarly or intellectual topics, interesting and worthy books on South Asia of all kinds and genres.
Ideally, books should be recently published, but exceptions can be made here.
3. If you propose a book, check with the editor to confirm it has not already been assigned and that it fits the broad criteria.
4. We usually send copies of books that are recent and topical. Check with us.
5. Currently, we do not offer compensation. Someday, we might.
6. Please complete your review within two months. Then forward it to your editor. Please work with us as we edit.
7. Reviews will be published as they are received and edited.
Style Guidelines

1. Please write in a simple concise manner. Audience may not know much about the issue or the book.

2. Do not use footnotes.

3. Please include a short biography of yourself. You could mention your affiliation, books published, research interests etc. If you have a webpage, a link to your site would be ideal.